To my Joe

I was all packed and ready to go.  My immediately needed items in suitcases and my apartment ready for an indefinite absence.  When I discovered the tires on my car had been slashed the night before it was an ominous note to start off my new journey, my new life.  Scared, but determined, I bought a train ticket and headed north.  I arrived in Seattle on Sunday and had a day to settle in before my new job started on Monday. 

I had never done a job like it.  Never been a receptionist for anyone and all the bluffing in my interview did not prepare me for the new levels of stress I was going to face in my new life in Seattle.  Suddenly I looked up in the middle of my day and there you were.  You were exactly when I expected a computer geek to look like.  Tall and kind of skinny with wild hair and a crazy goatee.  You started chatting with me and I learned that your roommate was friends with my sister.  Not much further into the conversation you offered to show me the difference between boys and girls if I would come back to your place.  Crazy crazy pickup line.  And it worked.

Within a week we were dating.  Within a month we were living together.  Within a year we were married.

Today it has been ten years since we were married and I don't regret any of our time together from your crazy pickup line to our lives together in every mundane detail.  You have made everything bright and sunny.  I love you more every day and I thank you for the last ten crazy wonderful years together.

I love you madly!

Sad news

Thursday night Joe's mom passed away in her sleep. Any thoughts and prayers for the family in this difficult time are welcome.

New kitty!

My mom has a cat who is pretty much the female version of Jasper in both looks and temperament. Recently she merged households with my sister who had 3 cats already and mom's cat has not thrived in the new regime. She spends most of her time hiding under the bed in my mom's room and is scared to go out to eat or use the litter box. Mom decided it was time to try to find her a new home and I offered mine! She will be shipping Sapphire to us via Alaska Airlines sometime late this week or early next. So, here for your viewing pleasure is a picture of our newest family member!