Cheryl (lyricae) wrote,

To my Joe

I was all packed and ready to go.  My immediately needed items in suitcases and my apartment ready for an indefinite absence.  When I discovered the tires on my car had been slashed the night before it was an ominous note to start off my new journey, my new life.  Scared, but determined, I bought a train ticket and headed north.  I arrived in Seattle on Sunday and had a day to settle in before my new job started on Monday. 

I had never done a job like it.  Never been a receptionist for anyone and all the bluffing in my interview did not prepare me for the new levels of stress I was going to face in my new life in Seattle.  Suddenly I looked up in the middle of my day and there you were.  You were exactly when I expected a computer geek to look like.  Tall and kind of skinny with wild hair and a crazy goatee.  You started chatting with me and I learned that your roommate was friends with my sister.  Not much further into the conversation you offered to show me the difference between boys and girls if I would come back to your place.  Crazy crazy pickup line.  And it worked.

Within a week we were dating.  Within a month we were living together.  Within a year we were married.

Today it has been ten years since we were married and I don't regret any of our time together from your crazy pickup line to our lives together in every mundane detail.  You have made everything bright and sunny.  I love you more every day and I thank you for the last ten crazy wonderful years together.

I love you madly!

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