Mini rant about the gas company

Yesterday morning it occurred to me that my increased headaches and the general feeling of icky that Joe has been experiencing could be attributed to the occasional smell of gas from the old heater in the bathroom next to our bedroom. We thought it would be a darn good idea to get it checked out and so Joe got on the phone with the power company not remembering at all that yesterday was a holiday. Apparently the words, "I think I smell gas in our house" will get the power company on the move like nothing else will and they showed up within about ten minutes. the guy went to the bathroom in question with his little gas sniffing machine and determined that we did not have a significant leak in there and that there wasn't much need to panic about it. Good to know! On the way back to the truck he decided to run a pressure check on the house to determine if there was a leak elsewhere. His little machine told him that there was a minor leak somewhere in the house. At this point he took the meter. Let me say that again, he didn't come back in and determine where the small leak might be, he TOOK THE METER. He said that when we got certification from a plumber that the leak had been located and repaired they would bring it back. So we have no heat, no stove, and no hot water. Fortunately for us, Joe's uncle has lived in this house forever and he knows a lot of people. He got on the phone and got a plumber to come check out the situation for us on the holiday, even though most plumbers were not answering the phone. They found ten small leaks in the house. Well, seven leaks under the house and three around the hot water heater. In repairing those leaks, apparently the pressure created a new and bigger leak outside in the line before it gets to the house. So we scheduled a crew to come out first thing this morning to replace ALL of the gas pipes from the source outsided to all of the necessary appliances. This process was finished at around noon. At that point the plumber called the city to schedule an inspector to come out and certify the job so that we could have our gas service back. Around four o'clock, Joe got tired of waiting and called to find out when we were going to see someone. We were told at that point that we didn't need an inspector from shreveport since we in fact live in Keithville, which we knew. So they were contacting the gas company to get our meter put back in so that we could have a shower and do our dishes and not freeze our butts off tonight. The power company did not make it out, and so it's 11pm, 50 degrees outside, slightly colder inside and I am NOT happy. If they don't show up tomorrow harsh words will be spoken.

--end rant
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Two offers so far

Neither of them even close to what we want, but negotiation attempts are in progress.  Hopefully our house will sell within a time frame that allows us to negotiate.  Two offers in less than two weeks though, I'm not terribly upset over that.

Safely arrived

We have arrived in Shreveport safely and with no real excitement along the way that was unsolicited.  I'll post pictures of the trip and the new house some time in the next few days, but for now I shall just relish the feeling of sitting still.
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So long and thanks for all the fish...

We are on the road.  We made it to Spokane tonight.  To anyone I was supposed to see before I left my most profound apologies, time was just too short for me to see everyone that I wanted to.  There will be future visits and there's always the web.  I'm going to miss all of my friends in a crazy way.  Special thanks and much love go out to Mimi who made the whole move go as smoothly as possible and kept me sane over the last several weeks.  Also big thanks to Lisa who is tying up loose ends that enabled us to get out that much sooner.

Jasper surprised us mightily by not needing a second dose of drugs on the drive and just curling up on a pillow behind my seat and sleeping for most of the drive.  Go kitty!  I have an amusing photo that can be posted from my Blackberry at some point.

I'll try to keep my journal updated as we continue our journey, but it's hard to say how tired I'll be at the end of any given day.

For now, goodbye seattle friends, hello strangers on the road, see you soon family in Louisiana!
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Several years ago, as many of you know, Joe and I were preparing to move to Florida.  In the process of that packing I lost my engagement/wedding ring.  The monetary value was non trivial, but much more disheartening was the sentimental value.  I cried for weeks.  I looked for months.  There was much speculation:  did it get thrown away by accident?  Was it in a random box in the house?  Was it taken out of the house?  All of these thoughts went through our heads and we basically gave it up for lost.

Yesterday while cleaning out suitcases in my closet I found it.  In a suitcase we rarely use in a pocket I don't ever remember using.  Also in the suitcase were the menu from our anniversary dinner that year, the diamond and sapphire tennis bracelet that matches the ring, and some various less sentimental and less expensive jewelry I also wore on our anniversary.

For everyone who let me cry on their shoulders: thank you
For anyone who had to unwillingly hear about it over and over: thank you
To the person we blamed for the loss:  I am most profoundly sorry.  I was wrong.  I added two and two and came up with five.  I love you very much and I will never be able to make this up to you.